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Kara [2014 Senior]

Lovely Kara wanted to do half of her senior photos in the snow, and then some in the fall.  I love it! We waited for the perfect snowy day, and went for it.  These are some of my favorites from our recent time together.  Enjoy your sneak peek, Kara–I look forward to working with you again in the fall!

-A- family feature…

I love working for other photographers…it keeps me on my game!

I am always honored when a photographer who I admire asks me to do their family photos.

These guys are all so photogenic (and used to the camera!), it made my job easy.

‘R’ Family Feature…

So, it’s been kind of quiet around here! My apologies.  I have been shooting, editing, editing, shooting, and editing some more to get people their photos for their Christmas cards on time!

While this blog post is up later than I wanted, it has not lost any of its cuteness!

Loved this adorable family!

Beautiful Baby Bump! {B³}

There is no journey quite like expecting your first child.

This is my friend, Kate.  Isn’t she completely radiant??

I love the love that we captured.

Lucky baby!

‘D’ Family Preview…

I am always humbled when a fellow photographer asks me to take photos of their family.   This lady is a friend of mine, and colleague.

So needless to say, I felt the pressure to do well!

Her boys were so, so sweet.  Such a cute family! Here is the sneak peek, ‘D’ family, hope you love them!