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It’s Important.

I’ve been trying to write this post for days.  I’m still not sure I have the words quite right, but here it goes. This is my friend, Yvonne, and her dear family. Yvonne lost her battle with cancer just last week.   The loss of her is still new.   I am happy in that she does not bear...

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Last week was super-duper windy here in Kansas.  So, I decided to take out the kiddo of mine with the least hair for photos. Ü This child.  Seven,  my only boy, silly and profound. We spent the evening chasing hazy orange sunlight, battling the warm wind with sticks, and laughing at each other’s zombie impressions. I love him...

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I adore this family.  I photographed this little guy to celebrate his turning one last year, and was thrilled to photograph him for his second birthday this year.  I just can’t get enough of those cheeks, his dark hair, killer smile, and go-go personality.  Oh, and I have to mention that this kid has the greatest happy...

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